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Thought I'd take the plunge and get a topic started about my layout, Hexford. I've never posted any shots before because I didn't build the original layout of Hexford, a late 70s / early 80s station terminal layout but I'm now at the point where I'm having a go at building an extension so I thought I'd document my progress. I'm a complete beginner so I've set myself quite a challenge to match the look, feel and quality of the original layout. I bought it from a nice fella in North East London but I don't think he was the original builder, so maybe the builder is active on here... who knows?


Anyway, on to my initial plans and progress, to add a new single line curve for additional running length, whilst keeping it as compact as possible, due to space restrictions (as well as the wife being non-too happy with the extension plans in the first place!)




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Work got underway today and after a few cider's the bold decision was made to add some sidings to the plan. post-3348-0-48314000-1404671817.jpg


Due to the tight bend on the curve of the main line; the track has been super-elevated (camber / cant or whatever you call it)


The new track plan post-3348-0-42591000-1404671560.jpg


First go at airbrushing actually worked out really well to get a base layer of sleeper grime down. I was worried about spraying the points but the electrofrogs were fine and running is smooth after a rub down of the top surface of the rail post-3348-0-31440500-1404671667.jpg



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Quick update. I've cut the backboard down and added the back scene. I also lifted the track on the bend as a badly placed join was causing stress in the flexi track which may have caused problems in the future. So the curve has been re-laid as one continuous piece and re sprayed.


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