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I have decided to give the blog thingies a go, so bear with me, I'm a noob!


For anyone who hasn't seen what I have been up to the basics are here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/81699-apa-park-n-gauge-modern-in-an-ikea-box-now-dcc/page-1


Basically, an Ikea APA toybox with a railway. Current holder of the NGS Graham Farish Tropy for small layouts and will be hopefully featured in a magazine by the end of the year.


With APA Park pretty much completed, I am taking time collecting, detailing and weathering stock.



37/0 on the HOP's by Steve Purves, on Flickr



Weathered PCA's by Steve Purves, on Flickr


Thoughts have turned to my next project, for this I am recycling one of the APA's I have in use as an actual toybox for the children (shocker!) and will be aquiring another one in due course, these will be modified and joined to make a single 4 foot APA. The plan is to have a platform accessed by a bridge (scenic break) with a simulated end of a loop (as in this current box). past the station limits the track will continue in to a small nuclear transfer yard. planning is very early stages at the min but will take a more serious step once the super box is created! controll will be DCC and I will use standard peco code 55 trackage.


That is all!



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