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Blog- Somewhere in Germany - Sparks and lasers

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I've been making further small steps of progress, and taking pictures of it with a potato. I shouldn't be so lazy, I have a better camera...


Electrification work has started, under the experienced tutelage of Andi Dell (Dagworth, Ravensclyffe) . Sommerfeldt masts are a pig to solder to. I think if I was doing any more extensive electrification, I would draw up etches in a more solder-friendly material, brass or nickel-silver. The U channel is the wrong way round, which is ironic as I was trying to go for greater accuracy than the commercial offerings allow. This is a reduced encumburance double cantilever mast. I have registration arms to add yet, plus of course the overhead wire itself- I'm thinking 0.0011" guitar string with 0.0009" for the droppers. I'll use 0.0014" for the registration arms. Overscale, but finer than shop bought catenary.




I've had the shells for the main paper mill buildings laser cut, and now must work on the brick overlays, window framing etc. I'm still a novice with CAD! This is about 2/3 of the main building. Clockwork Ideas of Horndean provided the cutting service and helpful advice.




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