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Blog- Feltenham mk 3 - Finalised plans! Ready to venture into 009!

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Morning all,


After a lil bit of tweeking, I've finished the "plan"...it's now printed at a 1:1 scale and already I've found issues but they're just spacing issues which can be resolved at the physical building stage (main platform needs to go back a bit to increase the width of platform 2 and the engine shed siding)


Hopefully there's an image attached....a rough mix of anyrail and paint...all fun.


The boards woodwork is now complete and has its layer of undercoat on, just gotta wait to buy the main colours! And the backscene is also up....good thing I accidentally ordered 2 lots as I messed up the first one!! (Don't use watered down pva on plywood to fix paper...nightmare of creases and unexplainable bubbles!!) it's not perfect but I'm planning on covering the join with an oak tree anyway so lucky failure!!


Whilst "working" I drafted a plan for the movements so I and yourselves get an idea of what's going to take place! This is as follows...


Movements plan:



Carriage only trains.


Train will come in on platform 1 or 2. loco uncouples from train, runs around and enters shed area to use turntable, then connecting back to end of train waiting for a train to enter opposite platform before departing.


Trains with goods attached to carriages


Train will come in on platform 1 or 2, loco uncouples from train, runs around to rear of train, attaches to wagons to be uncoupled, then shunts into either platform 2 goods siding or main goods siding. Train then turns around on turntable, then either connects to wagons to be going out from opposite to where it just brought them in (siding 1 if siding 2 just received), then attaches to carriages and waits for next train to arrive.


Advanced goods attached to carriages


As above, but if a wagon needs to go to either engine shed or engine shed siding, uncouples from main goods siding and moves to relevant location.


Loco coal train (night/morning)


Arrives at platform 2, loco uncouples and runs around, pushes train into platform 2 siding to uncouple brake van (at front) or moves brake van into goods siding (at rear)


Loco then connects to rear of coal train, locates into engine shed siding.


Parcels traffic (Night)


Train arrives at platform 1 when all other traffic has ceased or goods siding when traffic still on-going. Train then left at platform and loco returns to engine shed after turning around, or reconnects to train and departs.


Goods only train


Loco arrives at platform 1 or 2, loco uncouples from train, runs around and connects to rear of train, moves into either platform 2 siding or main, or splits train and moves into both sidings separately.


Constructing a goods only train.


All wagons to be departed are created into a train on the main goods siding, loco attaches to front and waits for train to enter platform 1 or 2


Loco change!


If a change of loco is needed, new loco warms up etc (coaling/watering) loco arriving at platform 1 or 2 uncouples from train and sits in the run around waiting for new loco to attach to rear of train, previous loco then moves into shed area, turns on the turntable and moves into engine shed line 1 or 2. New loco waits for arriving train on opposite platform to arrive, then departs.




If needed, crane collected from imaginary siding off scene, locates to relevant platform, use if a derailment etc, loco then pushes crane back to imaginary siding.


Future use of Push-Pull, Railcars and DMU’s


Train arrives on platform 1,2 or main goods siding, waits for next train to arrive, then departs…easy enough!.

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