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Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Marian and I am from Czech Republic, country located in central Europe in the so called "Czech basin".

We have been there for some time now, since times of great merchant Samo.

Lets fast forward trhu the centuries, dukes, kings, monarchies and regimes and lets stop in 80'es - 90'es, era IV, era that I have deciced to model.

And that is because of all the variety it offers, that is a lot of liveries, ones that were strictly adhered to as per official norms, colorfull ones thanks to losening of the political situation and the mix of CSD and CD. A bit faded look to everything.


Here on my RM web blog I will present mostly models made by me, but also other things of railroad interest, mostly Czech, but I won't restrict just to that.


Hope you will enjoy!


Best regards




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