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Cherrham Junction | Modern Image "00 Gauge"


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New to the forum scene, so here goes.....!


Cherrham Junction is a modern image, 00 Gauge, fictitious layout. I had a layout beforehand, but a new start was needed, so here it is. The first layout update. 


Not a lot to update you with at the moment, accept the baseboards have been put down on the lower level. The lower level will include only a fiddle yard, with tracks running up to the top level in either direction, where the scenic section will be.

There will be four main running tracks (track plan not yet finalized), with two loops of two of the track in either direction to allow access to the fiddle yard from both directions.


Pictures will follow, but for now heres the YouTube video with the main updates/plans.




Hope you guys enjoy and theres more to follow soon!!



:) Jamie :) 

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Some track has finally been nailed down. The outer track now can run from the top layer to the bottom layer. (hopefully the pictures show it better than my explanations). The gradient I believe is about 1in30 maybe more (I didnt do the woodwork!), which isn't too steep and because of the long run around the shed, we are able to run long trains of about 8/10 wagons up and down it.


The second photograph is where the fiddle yard will be placed and will have about 6 lanes per track (lets hope we don't run out of space!). Once the track is down it will loop round the shed once more before entering the fiddle yard. We had to do this otherwise it would have been crammed into a little space and each siding would be ridiculously small! It then runs back out of the fiddle yard crosses back over the previous track and then back onto the incline to the top layer.















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Latest update. More baseboard has been screwed down. The temporary loop attaching the top and bottom layer has now been replaced with the complete baseboard for the top layer on that section of the layout.

The up and down running loops of up/down incline will be on the outside of the baseboard with the four running tracks in the middle. 

The loop near the wall will not come straight out onto the mainline there will be a freight loop running round the curve by the door for freight to loop into before coming out onto the mainline. Five tracks on one curve. I think ive got my work cut out there!


The fiddle yard is also near completion (forgot to take more pics of it). One more loop now needs to be fitted and I will start wiring the point motors etc, when its completed. All the electrical work will be done on the track before the rest of the top base board is fitted. Latest youtube vid explains it a bit better :)




Enjoy :-)



post-21046-0-25872200-1407532595.jpg     post-21046-0-84245400-1407532594.jpg      post-21046-0-64923700-1407532595.jpg

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Progess is slowing down on the layout at the moment. Purely because we are taking our time with things. I have come to realise that if you rush things, they always seem to go wrong!


Anyway a small update. First of all I have gone out and brought myself some display cabinets. Searched for hours on the internet to find a decent display cabinet to suit model railways and all were either way too expensive or did not have what I wanted. I ended finding these Ikea and I must say I am very impressed with them. Fairly cheap at £50, they are good quality for money it must be said! Least I have a place to store me locos now instead of leaving them in the boxes all the time!!


The main update on the layout is that the first fiddle yard is now completed (minus point motors). All lanes have been installed and tested and are working fine. We have also made a start on the 2nd fiddle yard and track has been nailed down for that. We were hoping to put 7 lanes in the 2nd fiddle yard and make them longer, so longer trains can be run on the layout, but can only fit 6 on one track. We have however found a little bit of space on the first fiddle yard where another point can be installed and will enable us to take the total up to 12 lanes   :D. Hopefully it wont be too overcrowded with track and points as we still need to fit the point motors etc! Enjoy! :)






post-21046-0-65814000-1408544104.jpg post-21046-0-54634500-1408544106.jpg

post-21046-0-11136300-1408544107.jpg post-21046-0-65268100-1408544108.jpg post-21046-0-65814000-1408544104.jpg


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Progress is slowing down at the moment. Had other issues on my hands and havent had a lot of time to get out in the shed. 


A re-think has taken place! We are now going to have two fiddle yards on either side of the layout. One side for one track and another for the other track. We have also invested in some Peco Streamline Radius Points. What a fantastic piece of kit these are. By putting these in we can change the length of the runs in the fiddle  yard and make them a lot longer. This will allow us to run longer trains (will have to test on the inclines) and store more trains within each fiddle yard. 



post-21046-0-21184100-1410461576.jpg post-21046-0-75109200-1410461576.jpg post-21046-0-17876600-1410461577.jpg

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Latest Video has been uploaded






Latest updates now (That arent included in the video). The fiddle yard has now been completed and the top layer has been put back on. The point motors are yet to be fitted but these will shortly follow. However, we do have trains running again and I shall be uploading a running session to YouTube in the coming days. 


Thanks :) Looking at the pictures though I really think my next purchase should be a passenger train :P


post-21046-0-65115900-1410802448.jpg post-21046-0-19841800-1410802449.jpg post-21046-0-73187500-1410802449.jpg



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