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Wrenn locos in trouble

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I am really upset about this.


Some years back my Wrenn ringfield motor magnets were dreadfully weak and at that time it was suggested I buy Super Neo magnets for them.

I did this and found them very good if a little too strong to be handled.

On the back of this success I replaced most of my Hornby X03/4 motor magnets and Train EMU/DMU motor bogie magnets.


I went to run my Wrenn 8F tonight but it just stuck fast.

On inspection I discovered that all the silver plating of its magnet had come off!

See pic.


I have emailed http://www.superneomagnets.co.uk/ but the mail bounced back.


Really gutted about this and scared it will now happen to all the magnets.


Anyone else had this, what are the options for stable magnets for these old motors?




Pic never attached.


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Hi, just had a reply from Super Neo, having also used their on line contact form.

Can't say fairer than this and I am pleased he has not seen this problem before!


Neodimium is extremely susceptible to attracting moisture / dampness and will rust.
Under such conditions it may be possible that the protective plating could peel.
It may be that the plating on this magnet was chipped or cracked and moisture has crept in.
Will send replacement Ringfield Magnet tomorrow.

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I don't believe that the "silver plating" is important to the magnetic properties. I think it's just there to protect the magnet during handling, and once the magnet is installed it doesn't matter if the coating flakes off.

The wife uses little Neo magnets, with various ornaments glued on, to fix notes and such to the referigerator. These are always coming to me for repair because the glue pulls the coating off so the ornament is detached. I just scrape off what's left of the silvery film and glue directly to the magnetic material. After repair, they work fine.

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Hi, thanks for all the replies and suggestions  :sungum:

The company is sending me a new magnet free of charge as they say the original must have had a defect in it.

Very happy with that as it was around 2003 that I purchased them.


The flakes of plating originally caused the motor to lock solid, I have removed what I can but will check again once the new one arrives.

I like the idea of black paint!

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