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WH Smiths - Waterloo Station


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o.k. not a model shop as such.


But I do often buy some of my modelling magazines in here, I'm sure some other RM Webbers must do the same.


Well at least until the Summer arrived.


When the branch (beneath Pret a Manger) turned in-to an inferno, therefore they have consequently lost a considerable amount of sales from me (not just browsing!).


Surprised that the WH Smith management have overlooked the problem.


Anyway the Standard have finally picked up on the matter - http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/wh-smith-at-waterloo-branded-londons-hottest-shop-as-temperatures-soar-to-higher-than-legal-limit-for-battery-hens-9641738.html


Hopefully something might get done now.


Anyway I will be concentrating my magazine purchases at Ian Allan Waterloo (Lower Marsh) in future, thereby supporting what is now in effect my local model shop.

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