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Blog- Petes Model workshop (or ramblings from the balcony) - GWR 850 CLASS (3)

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Just a little done on the 850, but I have finished the 63XX, just need photos taking.


I have got the brakes finished, and just need to do the motor and mount. I will be using 26-1 gears as I think 40 -1's will just be to slow as it has tiny wheels.


The brake gear was a bit fiddly as I needed to remove the back of the shoes, because if you put them in the right place to give clearance for the flanges the coupling rods would not rotate.


I also need to fit the crossheads and slide bars. Then see what of the valve gear I can get in. I hope that most will fit but we will have to see.


Here are the update photos.

I know it all needs cleaning up a bit.







Right now on with some of my toys. Time to mark out some nickel silver for the 0395!!!!

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