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Identity of LNER coach at Lancaster in 1964


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Can anyone tell me its type and year constructed etc please?


16731 - It's D297 (end) Vestibule Corridor Brake Third (BTK), built York 1939.(ref: LNER Carriages by Michael Harris, Atlantic).

By this time of coarse would be classed as Brake Second (BSK).


This type is (or at least was) available in the Ian Kirk range, now with Cooper Craft, though some supply problems there (but that's another thread!).

It's the end vestibule (door) type, with 4 compartments and, as seen, two pairs of luggage doors.


The Hornby model's a Brake Composite  (BCK), non-vestibule (doors in compartments) type, with 5 compartments and a single pair of luggage doors. Besides being totally the wrong shape to start off with!


It was common for pre-nationalisation stock to work in other regions, particularly cross country workings as the respective regions would typically provide a set each which would alternate in each direction.

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