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Blog- Layout - Fisherton Sarum - A view from the line #14 the cleaner rung of the ladder

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Fisherton Sarum is set in the time when many boys, if asked about a career, wanted to be an “Engine Driver”. The dream of becoming a Driver in charge of crack express such as the ‘ACE’ or ‘Devon Belle’ whilst understandable, was not in those days a quick or easy process. For nearly all such drivers the first step on the ladder, often literally, maybe for boys as young as 14, was that of ‘Engine Cleaner’.


I have a number of Cleaners going about their duties on Fisherton Sarum. Most are from either the Dart Castings or G T Stevens Model Railways range of white metal castings, suitably painted. Following the introduction of the air smoothed Bulleid pacific’s, ladders and or platforms were required, both for cleaning and filling the sandboxes, and these often were made from what ever materials the shed had available or could get hold of at the time.


This is an extract of my full blog at www.grahammuz.com


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