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Colour Light Signalling Variety

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I've just visited High Wycombe Station to renew a railcard and I noticed that, as part of the platform lengthening going on, the old Up Direction Barrier Repeater has been replaced with a VMS Lightweight version.


This now means that Wycombe area has almost every type of colour light signal in current use:


ME144 (Up Approach) - Unipart Dorman 3 Aspect Lightweight Signal with short backboard.


ME146BR - VMS Lightweight Banner Repeater


ME146 (Platform 3 Starter) - Standard Unipart Dorman 3 Aspect Lightweight signal


ME148 (Platform 1 Starter) - LED 3 Aspect Signal


ME150 (Up Platform 2 Starter) - Standard Unipart Dorman 3 Aspects Lightweight Signal


ME151BR - 'Traditional' Fibre Optic Banner Repeater


ME151 (Down Platform 2 Starter) - LED 3 Aspect Signal


ME149 (Down Approach) - 'Traditional' 3 Aspect Filament Signal.


This got me thinking, is there any other stations that have this variety of Signals, as it's pain for the Maintenance engineers to deal with so many different types of Signal.


Plus, if anybody wants, I'll get a picture of the new repeater tomorrow, as I'm getting a train into London from Wycombe.



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Perhaps not quite the same variety within one 'type' of signal, but Banbury has a nice mix of lower quad semaphores, upper quad semaphores, MAS colour lights and LED colour lights, split between the two boxes. Makes for interesting work when shunting there.

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Clacton on Sea does quite well with 3-aspect Westinghouse searchlights, a 4-aspect searchlight, a 3-aspect with filament lamps (not sure of the make), motorised discs as subsidiary to the searchlights, a miniature yellow subsidiary for a searchlight, cable pulled ground discs, led ground position lights and a semaphore for luck. Go to the other side of the level crossing and LED searchlights appear.

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