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"To lose one [layout] (in the space of three weeks) may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose [two] looks like carelessness..."<br /><br />As the realisation that I now have space to work on, and to store other projects, is beginning bit, I have already started on the next small layout for exhibiting by train.<br /><br />?However, any time for sadness or grief at the departure of both St Juliot and the Country Boards in short order has been dispelled by the need to do something about a fig tree that was hanging off its, now broken, trellis at the back of the house when I returned from RailWells yesterday. It should have cut it back last week but I did not wish to reduce the number of figs it was offering. Now we will have very few figs this year, as much wood has to cut off to allow the tree to be tied back again.<br /><br />Anyway, despite the board being overhung by said fig tree, I was able to photograph the start of the next works -"Pencarra" - between showers this morning and the pictures are added below.<br /><br />The extruded polystyrene has been glued down over the packing pieces attached to the base piece of 4mm ply to give the gradients required. This provided for a rising gradient on the 'main line' from the front right to the level point work on the left. The middle road - the exchange siding - is level while the back siding rises and then levels out so wagons will not roll away. Most of the lines will extend off the board to either provide 'fiddle yards' or extra bits of siding. The exchange siding nature of the layout will allow shunting of passing trains as well as the use of two engines (one for the main line and one for the mineral branch). Both engines may be on view at the same time so no more one engine in steam as on St Juliot.<br /><br />To move on from projects that had lost their appeal is not a 'misfortune', whereas to commit myself to such project in the first place might have included an element of 'carelessness' in thinking through the consequences of taking <span style='color: rgb(0,0,0)'><span style='font-family: Helvetica Neue'>on </span></span><span style='color: rgb(0,0,0)'><span style='font-family: Helvetica Neue'>such things as side lines to the main theme of my modelling, building the LSWR terminus - Melstock Intrinseca - as a home based layout.</span></span><br /><br />A period of change is a good time to reset the parameters of future work... and I will have time to think about it over the next few weeks, as tomorrow some scaffolding is being erected at the front of the house to given access to a brick pointing job that needs attention.<br /><br />As a result, unless there is more a lot more rain, I might not be doing much modelling over the next few weeks... so not a lot of posts until some time in September.<br /><br /><br /><br />There will be a back panel which will strength the structure and provide a backing for the trees that will be 'planted' along the back of the layout, making this another railway in the woods as seen on St Juliot. Yes, it will be another Bodmin and Wadebridge might have been. The front of the layout which slopes down to the base ply level, includes a small culvert, possibly just a pipe issuing from a low wall and a low marshy area to the left. This should provide some foreground interest, lifting the eye from the thin edge.<br /><br /><br /><br />This shows the separation of levels across the end of the board. Eventually the end of the board will included a 'side piece' with holes in the sky for the trains.<div id='attach_wrap' class='rounded clearfix'>

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