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Blog- Dad-1's Blog - Distracted Again - When will I learn !

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Rather than getting on with long term layouts I've allowed myself to be distracted again.

Is it a case of a change is as good as a rest ?


Anyway I ended up with a requirement for a pub to fill an awkward corner. The whole thing, a corner filler needing to be an odd shape

meant bespoke window frames made from microstrip & scrap plastic. As yet not fitted due to my satin black is being slow to dry, but here is the

current state of play.




I've come to the conclusion I love diorama scenes. No electrics needed, no turnouts, in fact little if any stock. Just hours of fun, cutting,

scraping, glueing, painting to make that 3D picture floating in your minds eye !


Need to get the railway set up as my 3 year old grandson will be here soon.



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