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A very nice production, that has it`s centre axle sprung, so an ideal candidate for P4 conversion. I also incorporated a Brassmasters detailing kit.





An added bonus is that the chassis can be easily stripped down and sandboxes etc can be removed. Brassmasters coupling rods are a tad too beefy for me and needed filing down.













I used Gibson wheels and on this project I learnt that if you use fine emery and polish the 3mm axles until the wheels just push on with finger pressure you will overcome the wobble that can be a plague on these wheels. I also decided to fabricate new chassis sides.





T`wer then a doddle to cut and redrill the brakes and reassemble everything to the new sides plus the new Brassmasters guard irons.













Then it was the time to add DCC sound, which is fairly straight forward job.







Remove the capacitors and gummage on the motor.





She has a Zimo sound decoder and a smaller sugar cube speaker which tucks into the smokebox. There is even a plastic shield for the decoder to be kept in place.






I disliked the steam pipes supplied and replaced them with more suitable types. She awaits a decision as to what S7D number she is to carry and then will return to the paint shop.

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