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Dapol spares, will the promise ever be honoured?

Dr Al

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Hi folks,


I'm starting to wonder if the promise of full spares support will ever be honoured. I currently have no less than 6 Dapol models that are short of parts that simply cannot be obtained - some as basic as driveshafts and screws.


Whilst the provision of spares has undoubtedly improved through DCC Supplies, I am wondering how long it will be before some of these necessities become available?


Is anyone else in this position with locos laid up for want of some basic bits, or is it just me?



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I've been wondering about this too. At present that only spare parts I need for locomotives are traction tyres. However, items such as wheels, valve gear and maybe a non-corridor tender in LNER green would be great for some of my other projects.


When I spoke with the Dapol/DCC representative at Ally Pally in March, I was told that more spares should be available in May or June...

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