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Grainy paint finish with airbrush


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I've just purchased an Badger airbrush with a view to doing some weathering of stock. I am using a compressor out of an old fridge - a set-up that worked just frine me 25 odd years ago (when I last sprayed!) also with a Badger airbrush then too. . Humbrol enamels Gunmetal and Leather seems to be the colour mix to use. I'm fairly happy but two points arise:-

I am using a compressor from an old fridge (I used a similar set up with a badger about 25 years ago without any problems)



1. The spray is coming out a bit 'grainy' , not as course as say, an aerosol can, but grainy all the same. Tried adjusting the nozzle but to no great effect



Also the gun metal is leaving an obvious grainy metal effect when the mix is gunmetal heavy over the leather.


And finally just how much thinner (white spirit in this case) should I be using?


Is this a mix , psi or other problem?


Hoping someone can help!





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You should be using enough thinners to stop the graining of the paint, how much that is depends on what pressure you're spraying at. I'm guessing you can adjust the pressure so you need to add more thinners, but you're nearly at the right consistency so don't add too much more.


The Humbrol gunmetal, is it colour code 27003 or something similar? If so I've had problems for a few years with this paint, despite different tinlets from different batches. I now refuse to use it and use a Revell colour instead.



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