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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street - A Scene of Desolation (I Need A Storage Yard)

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Before I go any further, what happened was not my fault, it was the fault of the Domestic Overlord :)


A few days ago the other half was going to spend the evening with friends, catching up, and I was lucky enough to have the shackles loosened, and was granted freedom for the evening to do what ever I wanted :)


So once I had gone through the almost endless list of things I was not allowed to do and looked at the three things I was allowed to do, I dutifully signed "good behaviour contract" and the Domestic Overlord, left me to my own devices. Now contenting myself with the fact that the contract was void, because I have signed the wrong name, I decided that as master or everything I could survey I would relish every last minute of freedom, I decided to lead a rebellion of one.


In a scene William Wallace would have been proud of I headed for the blue wode and the skirt, sorry I mean kilt, actually better than that I headed to the box all the things that I am not allowed to use without "adult supervision" and liberated all the cruelly imprisoned Super glue, I mean what was the worst that could happen :)


Then I had second thoughts and put the superglue back in its box and headed to the railway room, the storage yard on Foster Street just needed the cross board joints soldering up, and a few other little jobs completing, but I was not quite happy with it. So out with the tools and a while later, the storage yard was no more.


So all I need to do now it re-lay the storage yard, easy or what? Has anyone got any ideas please help?


Oh and for the three things I was allowed to do, hovering up and doing the dishes took care of two of them, as for the third who cares what it was I did not do it, to use a famous quote



Until next time as always happy modelling :)

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