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New home - New layout


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Having finally got to the point where we are starting to settle in our new home I can now start thinking about a new layout!


I have some good space to play with (by UK standards), 13 feet by 7 feet in a L shape.


The hobby room is shared space with my better half so I can not use the whole room...


Here is one context of what I am looking to achieve:


Period - contempory

North East US


Must include pulpwood loading (I have a 'thing' for the logging industry)

Shortline railroad - happy to free lance an imaginary line

Open feel, I don't want lots of track


Here is my first attempt:




The top right spur is for pulpwood loading

The left spur is a team track

The short spur is a single stall engine house

The loops are meant to be the yard the short line uses to sort their trains for other customers further down the line

The lower section will act as the staging / fiddle yard but will be fully detailed


It is only a first attempt.

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A little bell rang in my mind, thinking I remember seeing a model log dump and sawmill layout in a very ancient NMRA bulletin. (50's?) .


Trains run down with loaded logs into mill, and climb back up with empties out. Reverse situation as trains of empties disappear behind trees at other higher end of short layout and return with loaded logs.


River across lower  front of layout, and (possibly animated) logs wound up ramps to sawmill on the other end, as well as input from trains. Again possible animation, add cut board lumber coming out of mill and std gauge line sidings for loading timber.



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