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Hornby R4634 Mk3 with SOME lights BUT NOT FULLY ILLUMINATED!

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A few days ago I received my R4634 Blue Mk3 with working lights. My problem with this coach is that the coach is about 30cm long and the centre mounted lighting strip is only about 20cm long. When I first powered it up the lights illuminate the central seating great but I noticed the end seating and corridors were left in the dark at both ends. This looked ridiculous, like looking a North and South Korea at night from space. One part is bright and light the other parts are cast into darkness (please see photo's). I thought my coach was faulty so I inspected the inside of the coach and found the lighting strip to be about 2/3 the length of the coach. I didn’t think that Hornby would sell a coach that was not fully lit so I assumed the wrong strip had been fitted at the factory by mistake. I quizzed Hornby on this and got a reply today. Apparently the short light strip is correct.

So is it just me or does anyone else think that it is a poor performance by Hornby not ensuring that the length of the coach is illuminated?

I must say I am considering the Bachmann lit MK2’s over the Hornby ones now.



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