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Blog- Netherley's rolling stock - Its nice to be back...

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Over on my other (scanman) blog, I've detailed why I've not been actively modelling for a few months. :no2:


Back to the fold ow, with several projects vieing for my time - so to prioritise...


The GPV is needed for the 'Langley O Gauge' show in October where 'Netherley' is being exhibited.


When I stopped modelling the van was pretty complete - just needed painting all-over black. Then I noticed that the rivetted strips were missing from the roof!




Not any more! A fairly short job, using the flame torch and the RSU. Just got to re-prime the roof, then gets the satin black out.


Easy but quick and a morale-booster!


A quick plug - if you're going to the REC exhibition at Woking next weekend, say 'Hello' - I'm the bloke walking round with 'Publicity Officer' on the name-badge!





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