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I designed both shop using the Scalescenes textures and following the related building description.

Although the overall appearance is convincing I thought it must be possible to create a shop front I saw on several websites.



I found a picture that has a lot of resemblance to the shop front design of Scalescenes.

If you compare the shop front in the picture with the shop front in the drawing below you will notice a lot of differences.

For my it would be a challenge to create a shop front that looks more like the drawing, creating the following features mentioned there: plaster; console, facia, cornice, stall riser. The fanlight, the transom and mullion is part of the design of the Scalescenes shop. The transom and mullion are so fine that it’s very difficult and maybe impossible to achieve in card.



I have used a very good quality of card to create the shop front. Grey board will not give the same result. This is one of the excellent advices I followed from David Neat.

The shop front is made using the Scalescenes textures.

The facia I created using a black wood texture, adding the shop name on it in Publisher.

The final result is weathered in my usual way with pastel pencils and some pigments.



I will give the shop an interior.


I hope the result is convincing. And of course again a overall picture of Station Road, adding more and more colour to it.



Advices and comments are much appreciated.




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