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Not all of my modelling is railway related - and some of the projects (like this one) are of buildings that do not exist yet!


The Swindon Panel Society' was formed to preserve the signalling panel from Swindon 'box - which was originally built in the early '60s. Also in the Society's mind was to preserve whats left of the panel display from Bristol East Box. At the same time Didcot Raiway Centre wanted to create a display of signalling systems from the earliest to the present day, and were considering a new building for that display. It was natural for the two societies to work together. I happened to get involved by offering to create a largish (-ish) scale model, as it can be quite useful to be able to 'play' with 'mock-ups' of the displays, looking to show them off to their best advantage, working out traffic-flows etc. The building shown here is the third iteration!


Made (mainly) from mounting card to a scale of 1:50, windows & doors were created by my usual method of drawing them out & printing on adhesive paper. Wall- and roof-coverings were produced in the same fashion when required.




The wall sections were built in multiple thicknesses allowing the doors & windows (where necessary) to be the 'meat in the sandwich' -




Then it was just a case of working round the various external & internal walls -




Until the building was basically complete.


Lacking any detailed drawings of the exhibits, sizes were worked out from images on the SPS's web site - http://www.swindonpanel.org.uk/ - which actually turned out to be pretty accurate!




Modelling at this size actually allows representations of what the public will see as they walk up to the building...




Coming to the end of the model now - the roofing is (of course) of slate...




However, like a wedding-cake the roof and sub-roof are both removable (the building is designed to have roof storage space - any museum curator will tell you that storage for exhibits is vital!)


Only gutters & down-pipes to add now - should have it finished in time to present it to DRC & SPS on Sunday next...

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