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Dinky push along - Motorised


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In 1972 Meccanco re interduced non-motorised Diecast version of the ex Hornby-Dublo starter set 0-4-0 .  These bodies appear quite often in car boots etc for almost next to nothing, been diecast they are easy to strip & repaint.


The modern Hornby 0-4-0 chassis fits quite well underneath, some hacking off the large spines in the centre is required plus a bit of shaving of the chassis cylinder block, but in the end quite a nice looking 0-4-0 tank.


Might put dumb buffers on or file off humps, chassis a little bit too short, but for £2 for the parts not a bad looking loco and been dicast pulls quite a load for its size.


Anyone suggest what was the nearest British loco ? just so I can put some numbers on









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