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Unique class 421 4-CIG 1315 with head and tail lights

Plastic Pig

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Hello all.


I am contemplating modelling 4-cig number 1315, using mjt sides, a donor Hornby vep, and mjt fronts cabs adapted with a casting I made of a correct (ish) scaled front door.


1315 was given Wipac style headlamps in about 1989, before it was decided to give the fleet the central door mounted lights we are all familiar with. i have only found a few pics of the unit online so far.... one shows it in later NSE livery with the central door lamp too at Eastleigh open day 1990. http://flic.kr/p/eejXtg


the others it is in SWT guise, with the wipacs blanked out or removed.


I recall seeing it one summers night leaving Esher with its lights on but cannot remember if it had Wipac lights whilst in early NSE livery or if it was refurbed and given the lights at the same time, which would seem logical.


Does anyone have any pics or further info about this unique CIG??


Many thanks



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IIRC, a photo of this unit in service, or link to, was posted into Colin Parks' 4-CIG scratch build. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/51422-4-cig-for-newhaven-harbour/


Not quite sure which page it's on tho'.

 Found it. Halfway down this page (I could've sworn it was later in the thread)


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