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Tis ready for its clean up and paint.


I finally got to grips with the smokebox door and made new hinges for it. The rest of the tanks had the castings added. The handrail has been made since the photos were taken. I am pleased with it so far. The water filler clamp handle brass castings are a bit fragile but look lovely. shame the water fillers were not cast in brass too, would of been much better.


I did start the big clean up but still some way to go. I also had to do a bit of butchery to get everything to sit nicely with the motor in place. I was hoping to get it all ready for priming but SWMBO had sorted out a dentist appointment for me.






I did partly reassemble everything to check that the castings on the 3 main parts missed each other, I did need to move the balance pipe back a little. I think it hangs slightly lower than the prototype, but it misses everything so that will do.






Next update should be showing it change colour.


It does meean I can get back to my 0395 class. For which I am sorting out a shopping list to send to Laurie Griffin. Along with a couple of bits for my A12 and M7.

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