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underlay ?

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a bit of a silly question but here goes , what would be a good underlay ,I have a large roll of polystyrene used for insulating walls laying about .or should I go down foam or cork 


I use C+L foam 3mm, the only trouble using polystyrene is that it dents very easy, it also is not a good idea to run wires through it.

As i have been told that the wire outer casing reacts with the polystyrene, also if you glue it down with PVA it will just set rock hard.

When i laid my track using the 3mm foam i glued it down with carpet glue, this allows the foam to still have some give in it.

Hope this helps


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The PVC insulation of wiring certainly reacts with polystyrene foam, but it's not of great importance on a model railway. It's only necessary to strip back the insulation and run the bare wire through.


I prefer cork underlay, but have used bubble pack under tinplate (Dublo) track and I can't see there would be any problem with 'scale' track, though I would put a paper layer between the plastics to avoid any possibility of reaction (as I did with the Dublo). Avoid any type of contact adhesive (e.g. Evostick or mounting spray) with polystyrene foam as it dissolves the plastic. I believe fabric adhesive is OK, but, not having tried it, I can't say.

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