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Sound "bites" of UK steam sound chips?


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Before i switched my allegiance back to OO UK steam from HO American SP, I was able to listen to various sounds on line.  At least two sound chip providers supplied on-line sound examples of their products - enough to get the overall feeling for the product, but not enough to prevent a sale.  A bit like the iTunes Store, you still have to pay for the sound if you want all the bells and whistles.


I have bought several UK sound chips and wonder if I have actually done the right thing.  Some are advertised as "generic" others with real recordings.  In either case I would like to check the quality before plunking down £100 or so.


Are there any suppliers that offer this for UK steam locos?

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Hi Paul, I'm slowly (actually very slowly) trying to provide audio files of our sounds but it is a big job with around 100 projects, and processing orders and technical support must always take priority.

So far I've only done about 4 tracks such as the 158dmu and gwr dukedog, but they will get added to over time.

I agree it is a useful feature.

In the meantime there are videos of most sound projects out there on YouTube.

Cheers, John (YouChoos)

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