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Bachmann MOTORS

paul 27

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Are all  Bachmann steam locos 3 pole skew wound including there more recent  21 pin models.

There's a real mixture out there, no simple answer.


Current wiper pick up product that I have purchased (I don't by any means own the whole range!) has a very efficient (straight wound where it can be examined through slots in the can sides) 3 pole motor.


Early examples of the wiper pick up product were fitted with 5 pole Buhler and Mashima motors (1999 - 2001 period by my estimation) before Bachmann switched to using the three pole motor of their own manufacture decribed above. These often have a stylised 'K' for Kader stamped on the can, lately this 'K' has disappeared.


The yet earlier split chassis steam models have two motor types. the smaller of which is open frame and straight wound three pole, the sealed can I believe is three pole, but haven't opened one as none have ever failed on me!


Now, brace yourself for a surprise: Bachmann's Thomas the Tank Engine product, of which I have had only had two apart; these had an open frame skew wound five pole motor. Clearly this market segment is much more demanding of motor tech...


Hi Paul


As far as I know they are currently all 3 pole skew wound, I haven't read of any 5 pole skew wound motors being produced yet but it could only be a matter of time before 1 of the manufacturers produces them. Not sure if Hornby does them, I know they made 5 pole armatures for tender driven steam locos but I am unaware of any 5 pole can motors at the moment, ...

May I also ask, Do you know anywhere that does a complete chassis for the Peppercorn A1 4-6-2. I got 1 not long after it was first released and within about 3 - 4 months the motor had burnt out which I later found out was due to a bad batch of motors that were made at the time. In order to keep the loco running I used a Hornby A1/3 tender drive to power it which works for now though it is thoroughly incorrectfor a peppercorn A1 and only pulls about 6 coaches at this time. I have considered kit building a chassis for it but cannot find 1 or an rtr chassis anywhere...


Hornby's 'black can' motor used in almost all the loco drive steamers introduced since they went to China is a skew wound five pole unit.


Unfortunately you have missed out on the replacement recall that Bachmann made on the early faulty A1 motors in about 2001/2. I'd call Bachmann service for advice. There is a Mashima motor which can be fitted into the plastic motor mount cradle with a little work.  If memory serves it is one of the 1426 or 1430 type, but let's see if anyone else can confirm or suggest another alternative.


There is a Dave Bradwell chassis kit to fit the Bachmann A1 model, superb is the usual estimation.

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I don't have one but if the A1 uses the same 'cradle' as the Standard 5, then yes it's the 1426, disappointed with the performance of the Bachmann motor I have replaced them ( I have more than one St.5) with Mashima 1426's, and improved haulage by 40% or 11 coaches instead of 8.

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It is supposed to make the motor run smoother at very low speeds, a straight wound would have more tendency to jerk, or inch through each pole as it rotates, 5-pole making it better still, some foreign manufacturers have tried 7 or even 10 pole.

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Just got to my notes, it's the Mashima 1430 that substitutes for the original Bachmann motor in the A1. Presumably while they were sorting out the motor they produced a couple of A1 models using the Mashima 1430 motor, before reverting to a Kader motor, at that time I think slightly revising the motor mount arrangement also.


So it is necessary to check what is present on any particular model. If it is 30mm end to end inside the plastic motor cradle, the Mashima 1430  is a suitable substitute

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Can anyone give us a quick run down, then, on fitting a Mashima 1430 in place of the Bachmann motor in those early Bachmann A1s?


I'm another who missed out on Bachmann's offer of replacing their unsuitable motor free of charge (I didn't want to entrust my 'Aberdonian' to the vagaries of the post, and be without it for several months). But I'd be happy to replace the motor myself if it is straightforward to do so.



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Unsolder wires to brush terminals, lever Bachmann motor out of plastic cradle, pull the gear off the Bachmann motor shaft.


Check fit of Mashima motor in plastic cradle. (I recall having to shave a little plastic off the rear inside of the motor cradle, the Mashima seemed fractionally longer. But another description I read at the time, the cradle needed a thin shim adding to pack the rear of the cradle for a good snug fit. Could be some manufacturing variation to take account of. Long story short, the new motor should be as tight a fit in the cradle as the old motor was; make adjustments as required.)


Press the worm onto the motor shaft, solder the wires to the brush terminals, clip motor into cradle.


(You can lop the unwanted motor shaft off, or leave as is, or use it to fit a flywheel for which there is ample space in the firebox. I did the latter as the buyer rather fancied that, at the time no OO steamer came with a flywheel.)

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I wonder if I might resurrect this thread ...............


Earlier today I visited a friend who has two Dukedogs (bought new)  in order to listen how they run.

Both ran smoothly and steadily but 9018 (31-086A) was noticeably quieter than 9028 (31-088).


Checking just now I found that 9028 was a 2014 production whereas 9018 was produced in 2018

I believe the earlier Dukedogs were fitted with a standard 3 pole motor.  Is this same motor fitted to the latest examples or has the spec changed?


I appreciate that variations in performance can occur between individuals in the same batch but I wondered if colleagues who have bought the latest examples ie 31-086A or the sound fitted version 31-090DS could comment on the running sound of their models.

Perhaps I should add that my friends older loco has not been subject to much running or “abused” in any way.




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