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Well, finally reassembled. All in all there where no problems getting it running.


The first job today was to fit the pickups, these are of the back scratching type made from some copperclad and phosphor bronze shim. It run very well on the rolling road and my short test track, the time spent sorting the washering of the gearbox paid dividends today.


The back head and floor where finished while the chassis was being run in. It also still worked when the body was screwed down, so the gods were with me today.


It was just a case then of adding the backhead and floor, then screwing the bunker in place. Then bobs your uncle etc etc, one finished loco.


Here are the piccies of the finished item.










Well thats it for builds until I restock over Christmas, Now lots of time to do things for me. So the 0395 may get to a nearer completed state before our holiday.

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