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Ex-CEP 930620 - Porterbrook / Alstom livery


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I'm looking for info on the former 4-CEP 930620, converted into a test-bed for the Alstom Onyx Drive packages intended for the Juniper EMUs.


After checking Flickr and Departmentals.com, there are some questions about how the livery was applied. 


I believe that one side was intended to be Porterbrook Purple and the other was Alstom white with an orange stripe. One of the driving cars was incorrectly painted, with the purple and white on opposing sides. I have also seen photos of this unit running in 3 and 4 car formations and there appear to be variations on how some vents were fitted over existing windows.

The plan is to do a vinyl set for this unit at some point - it should be a useful little unit, as it ran on both AC and DC routes.


If anyone has any good photos or clear recollections of this fascinating unit, I'd be really interested.


Edit: Here's what I have so far...


411 932620 Porterbrook Onyx Test Set N

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