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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - Best in Show!

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Second show done. Was wondering, at 5 o'clock this morning as I got up and after spending pretty much all day yesterday packing the layout and cleaning track and wheels est. , if any of the punters paying their £3 to get into the show would appreciate it. Well, it looks like they did and I have a trophy to prove it! A huge amount of work and absolutely knackered now but worthwhile and what it is all about really.


Big Thank You to Andy for putting together a surprisingly extensive show and all the nice people we met today. I say 'we' as little Iz (all nine years of her), insisted on coming and was impeccably behaved and actually pretty useful!


Have learned a bit more, which will be translated into more improvements before the next outing to Nottingham in March.


So here it is and off to bed!


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