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Wherewithial Quay is going to the Wessex Group do at Colehill at the end of the month so this has given me the impetus to complete some work on the Layout. Firstly the warehouse at the center of the layout has never had it's down pipes for the guttering fitted (not my favourite job I will confess), well this task is now complete. Some flaps have been fitted in front of the inward opening doors to aid the workers on the first & second floors to retieve sacks and so on from the hoist (these flaps must have a proper name...any offers?). Also a modicum of weathering has been applied to take away the newness of the building.

Secondly the forecourt in front of the warehouse has had the gravel removed and a nice new cobbled surface complete with drainage has been installed, the covers have not yet been painted in the photograph though.


There are still many things to do, for instance the wall around the garage proprieters garden needs to be installed, several small rowing boats need painting and installing, and....the list of small things to do goes on. i'm sure you know what I mean.


15803154842_262b1f6990_z.jpgSAM_0771 by Turin60, on Flickr




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