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Blog- ANOTHER Challenge! - Tannery Lane - the construction begins

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It's 'Challenge Wednesday' so' up 'n at 'em'. Sort of! The major job today was to try & get the viaduct in place, but first I transferred all the salient points onto the baseboard surface




Next job (now that I knew where the major elements were going) was to add the cross-members to brace the foam board - made from 5.5mm ply with a hole in each for the wiring (little though it will be)




Having resolved them I was able to add another scenic item -




the 'Quaggy ditch' - memories of my school-years where a stream called (not un-naturally) 'The Quaggy' ran through the (separate) playing fields of both my junior & senior school. An extended game of 'Poo(h) Sticks' you might say - and in common with the prototype you wouldn't want to fall in it!


Then it was on to the main job of the day... The viaduct. The 'rear wall' is already in place as part of the baseboard framing, so it was going to be an easy job to fit the front wall. Or was it?? The main track on the viaduct will be on a 1.6m curve and a 1:60 falling gradient from the cassette behind the abbatoir. This entailed detailed individual trackbed/bracing supports - no two alike... Even more complicated because the 'abandoned track' to the left is on the level, so the track-bed will have to split. Unfortunately I didn't get that far. However, by late evening the main elements were in place - just the track bed to add.




At least the 'wagon turntable' seems to line up nicely




I also think I might have found a prototype for the tannery - a couple of years ago I built a little 'concept model' of a group of buildings in Farnham - 'Weavers Yard'. The bulildings known as 'the hop kilns' - on the right of this group - might well serve (suitably amended to 'lose' the modern windows etc).




They're certainly from the right period, and the roof-line of the industrial unit will sit just below the viaduct, whilst the 'admin building' at the back should mask the exit to the cassette. Another building from the group, which is a weird hexagonal shape




will just fit between the private siding and the corner of Tannery Lane where it passes under the viaduct. I think I've even got suitable windows for the group in the old 'ClearSolutions' range...


Next week - viaduct track-bed and trackmaking (although some of that is already half-finished).





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