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Whilst still awaiting for the signalbox nameplate to arrive from Cooper-Craft, I decided to tackle the problem of making some sort of platform canopy for Sproston. The station buildings which are Peco 'Manyways' kits already have a small flat-roof valenced canopy, so I decided to keep this and make the new structure from 4x Wills SS54 kits, these were chosen as being the closest to stations platform width.



Assembling the basic canopy was straightforward, problems arose when I attempted to mate it onto the station buildings...


Due to space constraints, the building sits broadside, facing the bufferstops of the bay and parcels dock roads,this is not ideal, but was he only way I could achieve a reasonable station.



The first three kits were assembled as per the instructions,I then resorted to some 'butchery' to fit the canopy along the wall of the stationmasters house facing the main platform. The Peco kit is small-and I ended up reducing the height of all the columns with a razor saw, whilst holding them in a small vice,by 3.5 mm's to follow the roofline at gutter level.


I did toy with the idea of rebuilding the existing station canopy, especially when it became clear that the two could not be joined that easily, but decide that the station was not really important enough to warrant such major civil engineering, and it would also hide much of the platform and building detail.

In the end I decided to make a small sloping canopy extension in front of the stationmasters house.


With the remaining sections of canopy I created a flat roofed extension to go on the platform entrance to the parcels lock-up building, my reasoning being that with all those parcels piled up outside, some cover from the elements would be needed...(This did not need its supporting columns reduced, as the roofline is higher on it(an ex-"Railway Modeller" free gift - Arley platform 2 waiting room shelter, much altered)


The completed canopies are now placed in position, the next job is to paint them GWR colours, - just need to get some 'Precision' Light Stone and Dark Stone paints....



Until next time....




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