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It probably looks like it's been rather quiet on Platform 1 since the Spring. Far from it!


The almost empty space in the loft above our garage has been beckoning for some time - 16x14 ft seems such a waste! So after considerable um-ing and ah-ing, I took the plunge and had it converted into a proper room, girders, joists, insulation, walls, the whole nine yards.


Work started in June, and by golly those guys got through urn-fuls of of tea! This is after the joists went in:



With most of the insulation and plasterboard up:



And here it is pretty much finished - quite a difference!



But when the joiners, sparks and plasterer finally departed, it was time for the ladders, paint brushes and rollers. Quite a lot of surface area to cover with that high ceiling, and with other pressing tasks to do, painting took a few weeks. But the result is worth all the pain (I think :scratchhead:) though it feels a bit cold up there at the mo'.


So that's where the summer went! Now to plan that layout to fit the new space...

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