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Model Railway Show in Brandenburg


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Every year at the beginning of December the Brandenburger Modellbahnverein - http://bmfev.com- has organised a largish model railway show. I managed to dodge any work commitments for a day or two and took up an invitation to attend last weekend's exhibition. The visit was definitely worth it - the Brandenburg club was exhibiting its enormous H0 layout which is based largely on post-unification Reichsbahn practice.


There was a great smaller H0 layout from the Rathenow club


....and a lot of TT and tram activity! The tram layout's depiction of a state visit by Erich Honecker is sublime!


There was also a very impressive layout featuring Piko 'G' scale - not the sort of thing you could build in the average home! I spent a very happy weekend in the company of my friends Günther and Hartmut - the icing on the cake consists of two TT acquisitions that a club acquaintance of Günther's managed to get hold of for me. More of those in a separate post!

Enjoy the photos.


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And here are a couple of shots of the Piko G layout at the Brandenburg show- as you might know, Piko and Aristocraft and others have created a compromise large scale range that runs on LGB gauge track but which represents mainline practice. The Piko BR 64 which you can see in the second photo is absolutely superb - if I lived in a rather larger house (!) or if Frau Rekoboy were to appreciate trains in the garden then the Piko G range would be right at the top of my Christmas list!



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