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Hello from the shed at the end of the garden

Billy Flathead

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        Real names David, Billy is one of our cats and the flathead is in the photo. I have been building railway models on and off

since my teens but never actually completed a layout. 


        The current layout is in an 8x6 shed along with two work benches, drawers, shelves, unimat and bike so space is tight. Progress is very slow, I am easily distracted  by wagon and loco kits and nothing gets totally finished. I will try and post some photos, but most of my models look better from a reasonable distance.


        I am interested in most things on rails, but mainly Barnsley area, so Midland, Great Central, Hull and Barnsley.


        Cheers David

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The layout curves from one corner to the opposite corner and will have outside extensions.


04 is 63656 from Barnsley.


Station building is Pickburn H&B.


Bridge hides hole in sky to outside world.


I have not worked out how to add photos with text between them.


Cheers  David.



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Hello there!


Just a word of support from a fellow end-of-the-garden modeller who suffers from many of the same afflictions as you - there are just so many things to make, even if you don't really need them!


Mainly ECML in my garage, but I do keep on getting distracted!


Also, it can be a bit lonely down there, so stick with it, and remember as you plough through the mud in the pouring rain - that it is all fun!


Go for it!



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Thanks to all of you for your words of welcome and encouragement. Here are three more photos then I will start a layout topic, maybe it will be a kick up the backside to make some progress.


Loading dock and goods yard.


N5 with a short coal train,


N5 is 69320 from Barnsley.   


Cheers David




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