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2x1m exhibition table layout help


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Hello everyone!


Last year for my DT project (i am 16) i made a fold up exhibition table.

It is 2x1 meters, and is designed in such a way that i can stick buildings and such to the board and have it fold into itself.


It has come to the point where i need to come up with ideas with layout plans.


Due to the size, i am restricted to 2nd and 3rd Hornby 00 scale curves.


I wish to inclue two loops, with a station, turntable and small fiddle yard in the middle.

Here is a screenshot of an attempted plan on SCARM (http://www.scarm.info/index.php):



I should also mention that the table folds inside of itself in the center (so two 1mx1m parts)

Here are some pictures of the table in question:



The Table Folded up

This is what the table looks like when folded up. Incase it is not clear from the rest of the pictures, the layout and scenery are contained inside, whilst the wiring and such is protected by the legs.



This shows the legs folding out




A bit better view on how they fold out




The hinge that holds the whole table together




And finally... The table unfolded.



(By the way, there are several features to keep it held together, which may not be clear in the shots above.) I am very pleased with how the table turned out, it was totally designed from scratch by myself, with the inspiration of the typical pasting table!




The point of this topic is this: i need some ideas as to layouts. I don't really have any specific aim of eira, its sort of using any trains i can get converted to DCC (first DCC layout :D )


Hope you can help,



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Here is another idea,,,


The bottom center part is the platform, and the twio sidings that feed the turntable is what could be expanded into a fiddle yard


And as 'i am not permitted to upload this type of file', here are the two scarm files, incase you would like a template to tinker around with:

Original idea: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t66lycc4yz1paiz/Layout-1.scarm?dl=0

The idea above: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5ysloe880dyzza/Layout-2.scarm?dl=0


Thanks in advance :)



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First congratulations, the design looks really innovative with the drop down side and the way it folds with the layout on the inside, and the workmanship looks fantastic, but...


The lower plan really needs the inner line continued to form a loop and appears to have masses of fairly useless pointwork, the layout seems designed for 4-6-2 locomotives and two coach trains but at least it comes almost to the edge of the baseboard unlike version one.##


However seriously you need to give some thought to the tracks where they cross the baseboard join, both versions have several tracks crossing the join at an angle and several pieces of track span the join.


This need not be a problem, personally I would use loose short sections of set track across the join and slip them into position each time I assembled the layout,,


What ever you do this is a tiny layout,  Tank engines and two coach trains will look good on this size of layout, I built an even smaller layout for my son which was basically a double track oval with a big turntable and mpd which was great fun but impossible to do much shunting etc due to a lack of electrical sections.


However with DCC most of the electric problems disappear so you can do shunting, swap the trains from inside to outside loops etc.


I would suggest putting station platforms in a corner around half  the curve, tuck the station building in the corner. bottom left hand corner  on layout 2,  Maybe complete that inner loop, drop the kick back siding at the bottom, put an extra parallell siding instead, maybe a goods shed, sort out the tracks across the join issues..


Maybe make yourself a small 50 foot (200 mm 8 inch)  turntable not the 75 foot (300 mm 12 inch) type Hornby etc make to free up space and don't be afraid to cut pieces of track to suit the space you have available.    

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Agree you need to be careful with where the hinge line falls, and how to deal with the tracks across it.


Specifics - the turntable roads on version 2 look very short, and I think operation would be better if the crossover at the bottom was reversed (to give a long passing loop).


Though in general, given that this presumably going to be assessed at some point, so needs to be finished ( :O) perhaps keep the trackwork simpler - one circuit, station with passing loop, couple of sidings?


Most importantly, I think you could make your fortune by custom-building baseboards for RMWeb members - your carpentry looks fabulous!


All the best



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Well, this was for a DT project, so at that point in time i was limited to what i could build.


Mainly because

1. Dad was buying the materials (he is a carpenter by trade)

2. i was meant to build it IN school

3. for course work it had to be sensible for display etc


As it turned out, i had to rely on my dad to help me build it and make it work properly (we stayed up to 2am the day before it was due in varnishing it)


I think overall, the price for the build was £75 (trade price)

the base board is just MDF


When i get my course work folder back (next week) i shall scan in the techy drawings for dimensions and such.


And yes, i am rather restricted to 00, because i have lots of left over track, and i plan on using the trains i use for my main layout.


If there is anything else you would like to know, ideas, the hinges for the front flaps or the leg mech then just let me know, and i shall attempt on taking more photos (its somewhere in my dad's garage)



Thanks for your suggestions, the layout as of now is relying heavily on if i am going to use DCC or Analogue (i have not used DCC as of yet, i am used to Analogue)


Things i will need to know further:

What do you guys suggest i use to soak up the vibrations from the layout itself? normal foam? as it is on MDF i need something.

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I think something has to give.  You can't get all that you want and have anything you can operate.


I would suggest doing away with the inner loop.  This has a number of advantages:

1. Frees space on the inside of the board for longer sidings

2. Does away with R1 curves

3. Simplifies points, etc

4. Reduces connections across the board join


If you use R2 curves and points you can have a loop with a passing place at the end.  You could make that a station with an island platform if you wanted to.  You would have room for a two coach train in a dead end station in the center of the board.  You would also have room for the turntable and some sidings.  You could also add a small goods yard to the station.




This is based upon a two coach train with a tank engine.  This only has two connections to make across the board join.  I would recommend looking for a smaller turntable than the Hornby one as it dominates it somewhat.  If you are only running tank engines then a turntable is really not necessary but if you do have one it doesn't need to be able to take a Pacific.


Good luck with your build.


PS I would recommend just sticking some 1/8" cork down for the track bed.




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