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Very little space at the side of track - what to do?


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I've got a bit of boarding today as I want to start covering up some of the beams in the loft and also hopefully keep a little heat in.


In hindsight I could of probably solved this problem very easily by moving the track over by an inch or so before laying it and wiring it all up. I can't really move it over now due to cutting the board down and adding a bride section so I'll have to stick with what I've got - the joys of being a newbie!!


Along one side of my layout I've got very limited space between the track and 'backboard' There are no issues with the train knocking the board and there's around an inch gap from the train to the board. 


I could secure the board to the rear of the beams to give me another few inches although I was hoping to hide the beams as much as possible without a loft conversion!! 


Any ideas please on what I could/should do along this back section. - Its approx 15ft long 


Many thanks





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Looks too steep to be grassed as an embankment. Your stock looks likes you are modelling modern day so how about adding in a low relief concrete style retaining wall. It won't require any abutments to support it as a brick one would cutting into the inch gap you have. If you run it straight up for 3-4 inches you'll create a ledge/step at the top for some low relief buildings to go along as well.

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you could put a long retaining wall in, sloping or not, if that fits in with the rest of the scene, or a backscene with the appropriate subject on it.


the board is sloping so you might have room for a vertical, or nearly vertical, retaining wall and then a backscene 'falling away' behind that, which might look good. not sure. but you have more options as the board is sloping out of the way. you could have a vertical wall with a 'flat' section of growth and then a backscene.


from the angle of the light you have there I'm assuming that you won't be able to see the train shadow from a normal operating position.


quite a few things you could do actually.


edit: SXHALL beat me to it. :)

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Hi Mark, just looking at the clearance between the train and the board I would say that your only realistic solution would be to model a long, high brick retaining wall,(similar to that found on the approaches to several London termini)along that side - with a cityscape/countryside and sky backscene above it. You really have no room for any other scenic features, except maybe signal posts...

Sorry I can't be of anymore help,


SIGTECH (Steve).

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Many thanks for all the replies so far guys much appreciated.


The board will angle back a little more yet as I didn't want to cut it without knowing what to do.


It seems everyone has pretty much the same idea  :locomotive: so I'll have a look at some ideas of incorporating a retaining wall and some sort of back scenary 

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Not really any help on the modelling side of things but if you really want to keep some heat in the attic just boarding off the beams won't do the job.


What you need to do is line between the roof rafters with Kingspan or something similar, take it from one who only this year completed that type of insulation in my own attic that the comfort and even temperatures maintained in summer or winter make this a job worth considering.


Just don't do what I did and get into the insulating of the attic years after my laying down lots and lots of track, that makes the insulating far more difficult than getting it done while the space is clear and before you get too caught up in the modelling area.


I know you have laid and wired track but you will come to regret not insulating the attic after not too many freezing/sweltering temperatures up in your attic.

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