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Weathering a high gloss Heljan Class 15


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I bought a Heljan Class 15. I model late 50's / early 60's East Anglia so wanted one with no yellow panels. The only one available was the high gloss green, which looks nice but not very convincing for the layout.


I obviously need to put matt varnish on at some point to reduce the glossiness, but what I'm not certain about is whether to put a coat of matt varnish over the high gloss before weathering and then put more matt varnish at the end or leave it high gloss before I start weathering, and put a coat of matt varnish on once I've finished.


What are other people's thoughts please?


Thanks in advance and happy new year.




PS - from an earlier thread, I try to be a linguistic pedant, but I always struggle with apostrophes so if they are in the wrong place, please tell me!


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I've not done this model myself but when I have anything glossy/satin, I do the weathering and then matt varnish at the end. (Usuallt Testor's Dullcote)


Years ago, when very few people dipped their toes into weathering I recall some of the 'professionals' at the time used to say something along the lines (assuming they were eg scratchbuilding a loco) "The loco starts in ex-works gloss, and my weathering starts from there, just like the real thing"

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