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I have a couple of MDC Roundhouse white metal kits, a Harriman prairie and a Harriman consolidation.  The first is built, the second is still in its box.


I remember that, when I built the prairie back in the 1980s, I burnished the castings but what with I could not remember.  So I searched out this resource, hoseeker.net, which has scans of all manner of instructions for RTR and kits from North America.  The consolidation instructions are available and I was able to check that my memory served me well - "before painting go over the metal casting with (fine) steel wool".


I have never seen this recommended for British white metal kits, so I am not sure if this technique applies to UK white metal models.


A previous mention of hoseeker.net on RMWeb notes that there is nothing like this resource available for OO gauge modelers.  More's the pity.  I suppose it could be called ooseekers.net.

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