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St Agnes Station in 1949

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St Agnes, part of the Chacewater - Newquay branch was a typical Great Western country station, serving the Mining Village of St Agnes and surrounding area.  Originally a single line, but in 1937 a passing loop was provided with a 300 ft island platform, accessed by a footbridge and barrow crossing, plus the addition of a 30-lever signal box. This new layout gave for increased traffic, as the branch now supported three passing stations, namely St Agnes, Perranport and Shepherds. The old platform was demolished, leaving the building rather isolated on a plinth at he north end.  The canopy was completely turned round and replaced on the opposite side, facing the entrance road.  Further support was neccessary, so four substantial vertical girders were added to support it.  All the doors on the rail side were bricked up and replaced on the road side.   This made a rather unusual design. 

Around 1950/52 the footbridge was removed and access to the platform was by means of the barrow crossing at the north end of the platform and this arrangement remained until closure in 1963.


As all but the station booking hall was demolished, I chose to create it as it was left in its derelict state before moving on to 1949, post Nationalisation, just before the footbridge was removed, so the first few pictures show it around the mid-seventies, trackless and the building in a sorry state.

I have a second booking hall, depicting how it was in the late forties, which will be included in the proper layout.


This layout is being displayed this Spring in the St Agnes Museum, so further pictures to follow





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