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Why do Hornby have multiple part numbers for the "same" part

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I'm looking to buy a class 153 underframe. There's some confusion because of different part numbers for what I thought was the same item. Any idea why?



I don't know about it so much now but when I lived in the UK and bought loads of spares repairing old bangers I'd bought (15+ years ago), if the part you were after had more than one part number and or more than one service sheet, then for some reason it had been superseded ie: small modification or different part altogether.

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I suspect this is likely to become even more of a problem as production is now spread over different suppliers. Some parts that were common across more than one model (not just multiple liveries on the same model) may end up with multiple part numbers if tooling for them exists in several factories at the same time. This is even more likely if the need to cut new tools has also given the opportunity to make minor changes at no additional cost.

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I now have an answer to my question.


I bit the bullet and purchased 3 different 153 underframes.


The only difference is that the ends are painted to match various bodies.....


The marks from where the mould was milled out (Those on the non visible part of the moulding) are identical.  There is no part number impressed into the moulding either.


Part X9973 is I think for a Central Trains model






Another one (lost the label) is almost unpainted and shown under an Arriva body






Another has white and yellow on both ends






For the underbody detail on the mouldings they are good value for money. Although the arrangements are not the same I'm going to use a pair of frames to update a Hornby (Lima) 156. Probably a bit of cut and shut to move components around

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