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Recently I purchased a Lima Class 50 in Network South East livery for £25 from ehattons. I have serviced the motor to make it run better and have now decided to have a go at detailing it. This is my first time detailing a model.


This is what it looked like when I bought it from ehattons in December (photo from ehattons website) :





I've started by looking at a few photos of the Class 50 whilst it was in Network South East Livery. Looking on the website of the Mid Hants Railway I found this photo of a Class 50 in Network South East livery that is currently based there:


I have started detailing it by painting the axle boxes in yellow as they are on the actual Class 50s. I have also added a little bit of dirt to the grills on the sides of the loco.(Layout still being built and is in garage so ignore the other stuff in the photo) .


I have ordered some Shawplan Class 50 buffer beam footsteps to go on the ends of the loco. May also remove coupling on one end to add smaller details such as brake pipes. Not sure if putting lights in it would be a good idea yet, very few of my locos and coaches have lights in or on them.

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