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Time to start a new project. Sometime ago I bought an ACME Ivatt 2mt tank. It was sold having been started. The only thing done was some very poor riveting. I think most can be over come, a few small parts may need replacing but that is no hardship really. It is all etched in Nickel silver, so will stand a little more punishment putting the riveting to rights.


I have added the necessary bits to build the loco, and also a few bits to improve it. There are not the parts to build a push pull one, I have two types of chimney for it so I should be able to find a suitable prototype to build.

This is what I have to work with.







I have cut out the frames and spacers to make a start, I got no further as I need to sort out the way the compensation will go. It also has the front frames too close together so I will need to do some butchery to the frames in front of the cylinders. On the tender version I built this was all designed into the kit. I have a couple of ideas on how to get it done. The cylinders and motion bracket also need to be removable to ease fitting the front drivers.





I spent most of the session sorting out the rivet detail on the tank sides. Not only was the riveting poorly done but the etch marks are not that good. I punched the rivets flat with flat end bar and the smooth jawed vice. I then cleaned up the outside with emery etc. I then flooded the half etches with some solder to avoid making holes when re punching.

I have finished one well I think I have. and the other is almost there. Hopefully they will look OK. If not I will cut some new ones. The poor location of the half etches made things trickier than it should of been. Trouble is they are probably the most visible part.




That's it for now. Back soon

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