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GWR 1741 (655) Class

Enthusiasts often refer to this Wolverhampton built class as the 655 class, but the GWR usually described them as 1741s. Thirty-two were built from 1892. They were essentially similar to the earlier 645 and 1501 classes, but were just a little larger with longer overhangs front and rear. The bunker was actually the same size as the 1501 bunker, so the extra three inches of overhang presumably provided more room in the cab. Again they were built with T class boilers. They were numbered rather ecc


JimC in GWR Locomotive Sketches

The Yard of God!

My 9 year old daughter has a new name for the fiddle yard. We have talked about the "hand of God" descending on our layouts for years. The fiddle yard is the natural home of the hand of god so it has now become known as "The Yard of God" in our house thanks to our daughter Eleanor!    

A CR 323 class part 6 , in service

Now things have settled a bit on here I am going to add a few blogs.   It has taken some time to get this painted and finished. A fair bit of messing about with transfers again, I do wish someone would do CR goods lining.  All looks a bit rough close up, but passable from a distance I think.     A couple of posed pics, the side on official portrait.           At rest in the yard.             They

More video.

Funny thing, model railways. Some enjoy the hobby by building and hand knitting their own stock or buildings. At the other extreme, some enjoy a "roundy roundy" train set on a board with some sidings and scenery. Those who enjoy exhibiting will adopt a more "theatrical" style with well made scenery, and a non-scenic back stage so that it looks like you are trainspotting and instead of the train going on to Glasgow or wherever, it's just run round the corner onto a plywood plank. Having done s


Managed a couple of hours on this while paint was drying. I'm sort of copying LSWR practice with the cab interior, mainly looking at O2's and G6's working on the principal they'll all be similar, as designed by the same man. Here are the two cab sandboxes, they go in the bunker, cab side corners. I presume as they seem to have wooden tops they lift off for filling. I need to add operating levers.     Next is the locker that fits on the rear spectacle plate. This is ready f

Printing 'Edith'

Despite what I wrote in my previous post , I decide to add a ‘rolling’ chassis to my model of ‘Edith’, to help me assess the overall appearance of this little engine. Printing and assembling some of the very small parts created some new challenges.   Our heating system failed last week, just as the weather turned colder. I had not noticed before how sensitive my 3d printer is to the temperature in my work room. For the first time, I experienced a fractured filament as it wound off the

Tweedale - Cul De Sac

Last year's slow listless progress on the layout was a sure indicator that all was not well. I finally came to the conclusion that I was being over ambitious in trying to build a room sized layout. Well I'm no stranger to giving up projects part way through, and the decision has now been made to abandon the large layout and go for something more manageable.  The old benchwork has already been dismantled and the timber reused to just build a straight shelf along one  wall rather than spre

Clan'tastic!...Detailing a recently released Hornby BR Standard 72xxx Clan Class.

The recent re-release of the Hornby BR  Clan Class was a blessing for many especially with the price of previous issues becoming prohibitive. The model had not been available for a number of years to compound this.   Like others I was surprised to find the running boards and rear of tender not painted black on either the late or early crest variations. This has been debated on the Hornby Clan thread.   Other issues have concerned a missing top lamp bracket on the smokebox doo

Ernie Rides Again!

And I am back! Not only doing a blog but at a model railway exhibition! Just as a visitor although this is an achievement after my Covid foiled attempt to get the layout to Ally Pally in March. It was good to get to the Bristol show on Sunday and meet up with a few familiar faces after two and a half years. Not much seems to have changed except the inevitable retreat into long sightedness over took my reluctance to carry even mild reading glasses and I now have two tints of metalic Humbrol brown

Train Reporting Numbers for S&P

Currently still waiting on production and delivery of suitable copperclad to allow track laying to commence.   I went to the Bristol show at the weekend and was able to buy a Dapol Class 22 in BSYP, something I'd missed out on for a long time due to money being tight and then there being none to buy. It got me to thinking about headcodes for the S&P.   I've read up a bit on how such four character train reporting numbers work, and realised that though the basic arrangemen

Ian J.

Ian J. in General

BFR’s Progressing

The 2 Brake Force Runners (BFR’s) I intend to model are 9516 (for a later project) and 72616 (to go along with the EMV and 2 RTR Hornby coaches). The sacrifices are a rather pricey Bachmann Mk2 Brake and a slightly less pricey Dapol Mk2 FO. They are soaking in IPA to remove the paint, and they should be ready to prime layer today or tomorrow.

Modelling 'Edith' from Buscot

In my previous post in this blog, I described my chance discovery of the former narrow-gauge system that linked the farms on the Buscot Park estate to a distillery and other works, located at a wharf on the upper River Thames.   This was especially interesting to me because I had introduced an imaginary narrow-gauge (NG) line on my ‘North Leigh’ layout, to serve the local quarries for Cotswold stone and the sawmills around Wychwood Forest, by connecting them to a railhead at North Leig

The Plan

And so it begins!   Hartham Market is a fictional town set on the Hertford East branch between Ware and Stanstead Abbotts, roughly where the village of Great Amwell is located. It is a traditional Hertfordshire market town heavily based on Hoddesdon, Ware and Hertford with an emphasis on its link to the brewing trade. As a result, key considerations for scenic items include, the River Lea and the New River, a rail served brewery and river side pubs.   The layout is set in the

My first wagon kit.

Happening upon the ex-Pipe 'ODA' wagon in 'government stores' (military) trains, I like the idea of running one as a pleasing visual addition to rakes of 'Vanwides'.  So tempting fate to have a manufacturer bring one out R.T.R., I bought Peco's Parkside wagons PC43 4 mm. kit at Alexandra Palace in March, and have just finished it, thus:       Paints by Precision Paints, water-slide transfers by @railtec-models .   Unfortunately, I did not do my research first. 

Aeolus in Context

At the end of my previous post , I wrote that the engine and tender would next enter the paint shop. Because the various major components (boiler, firebox, etc.) were all printed separately and simply plugged together, it was easy to paint each part in its appropriate colour, with no masking required.   I use acrylic paints, which I like to apply in the manner of water colour. I use an alcohol/water mix to ‘wet’ the surface and then add pigment to achieve the desired depth of colour. F


MikeOxon in General

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