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  1. Tested positive for Covid on Monday... managed to avoid it for the past two years and then fall the week before the Taunton do. Typical!!
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  2. I hand wrote a letter today, I mean who actually takes the time to write a letter who isn't Royalty or sending love. I was going to the Post Office to send back a warranty claim and thought whilst I was at it I should send another item. With no time to get out a computer / printer I simply wrote a note - joined up writing and everyfink. Remembered not to write 'Love' at the bottom
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  3. Getting back into the hobby after a break of 45 years, currently negotiating space for the layout!
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  4. I thought on Monday we were going to loose one of the last reminders of our mining past in Radstock. Turns out I was wrong, Ludlows is staying right were it is and having a new roof. I think this might have been the screens, when she was a runner. Linked to the Great Way Round for coal, but also to Tyning batch (over Marble Arch )
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  5. I found an old textbook on Bayesian statistics in the loft. Based on my background in psychology and statistics, I expect I will probably read it…
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  6. Stripping paint and marker pen from a Playmobil wheelie bin by leaving it to soak in a pot of nail varnish remover - Bad Idea!!!
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  9. Bl**dy annoying when your 22 new listings on Ebay are still not showing in searches or your account after 24 hours.
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  10. Self checkouts in Aldi, wasn't expecting that this evening
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  11. Too late into Somerset for SWAG, but ok for Bristol.
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