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  1. Latest (final) CADs herewith. Cutting of metal is about to start.... Sentinel Specification Tooling designed to allow GWR, LNER, LMS, BR, industrial and Irish variants Etched steel ventilation grilles (0, 2 or 4 grilles as appropriate) Dapol ‘Super Creep’ motor with low gearing for slow speed operation and maximum haulage power Alternative chimney, whistle, injector and vacuum brake pipe components appropriate to prototypes All-wheel pick-up and drive 8-pin DCC decoder socket in cab ‘Friction free’ mechanism with electrical pick-up via pin-point axles Tungsten alloy chassis Detachable couplings in NEM pockets Separate handrails and lamp brackets Sprung metal buffers
  2. However no doubt one of the usual suspects in the etched bits sector will come up with suitable extra grills for those needing a later loco (quote) Dapol has now confirmed that the model will be available with at least three body variants – with four, two or no cab ventilation grilles. We are also currently investigating the options for chimneys and tank fillers. (quote from MR post)
  3. Attached are the latest CAD images of the ‘OO’ gauge Sentinel locomotive being designed and produced for Model Rail magazine by Dapol. As you can see, the model now has a mechanism designed in. To make the Sentinel as closely matched as possible to your requirements, we’d like to know what you think of it as it stands. The mechanism has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible without compromising running quality or robustness. Dapol has now confirmed that the model will be available with at least three body variants – with four, two or no cab ventilation grilles. We are also currently investigating the options for chimneys and tank fillers. No delivery date or price has yet been confirmed, but we will update you again as soon as this vital information is available. Just to confirm; the Sentinel will have an eight-pin DCC decoder socket inside the body, along with a low profile Dapol ‘super creep’ motor. The latter will allow realistic open space inside the body. Kind Regards from all the Model Rail team.
  4. If so this is a livery she has not been seen in for eighty years (quote) No. CoT was in this livery while entombed in the old Swindon Museum from 196? until 1985. CHRIS LEIGH
  5. Disappointing! CoT is a loco that needs to be 'dressed to kill'. The full array of lining looks great and its a real pity to put it into that drab black frame livery that she had when she was tucked away in the old Swindon Museum. Now she'll just look like any other mid-1930s Great Western loco. As to it being 'correct' for the condition she's in - well, fully lined out with the bauxite/red frames and sandboxes is also 'correct' as that's the livery she carried in 1957. It's a celebration year and a celebrity loco ought to carry a livery which reflects that. Still, at least we won't see that awful BR black again! CHRIS LEIGH
  6. The coal load - a bizarre shape - is not removeable (without cutting). I guess its that shape to allow space for sound equipment. The bogie which I damaged on our review model when cutting off the NEM pocket has been digitally retouched so you won't tell much from looking at the pictures, other than the guard irons are still missing. Nothing else was retouched. CHRIS LEIGH
  7. Both bogies have the coupler pocket. Seems odd but that's the way it is. You're supposed to cut the pocket off one and keep the other for a 'mint' restoration job when you want to sell, I guess. However, it's dead easy to break the thin plastic guard irons off while cutting the pocket off, so its useful to have a spare bogie. You'll also find that the middle frame piece between the two axleboxes is only supplied on the original fitted bogie, so you'll have to break them off and refit them if you use the spare bogie. Not well thought out, in my view. CHRIS LEIGH
  8. The model represents 'Truro' as it is NOW, including the livery - according to our sources at the NRM and the Glos/Warks. However, the hideous modern electrification flashes have been left off and a bogus buffer beam number put on. I understand that some of the gubbins in the right hand side of the cab relates to TPWS. CHRIS LEIGH
  9. Can anyone tell me if wheels are available for it in P4? (quote) It's a complex chassis to modify. Bear in mind that the outside frames are part of the running plate and are therefore cast metal and quite thick. There seems to be quite a lot of play in the driving wheelsets, and the extended axles are quite long. I've never converted anything to 'broad gauge' (life's too short) so I'm not too sure what to look for, but to me this looks like a very complex model to convert. CHRIS LEIGH
  10. It's not as it was, and it's not as it is. (quote) Yes, an odd mixture and not as in any photos, old or recent. Just been fitting the detail parts and they are a real nightmare. Flexi-plastic that's supposed to attach to metal castings. Real danger of damaging a beautiful model by changing the front coupling. Unless you're REALLY keen to change it, and you know what you're doing, I'd leave well alone. CHRIS LEIGH
  11. You're asking me to reveal the entire review on here before it goes in the mag! 8 pick-ups (four driving wheels front and rear tender axles) Loco is in current guise (superheated + top-feed) and current livery but NOT - thank goodness - the modern horrors of yellow overhead warning signs and no TPWS on the footplate. The buffer beam lining is orange (should be yellow) and the model carries 'No. 3440' on the front buffer beam which should not be there. The coal in the tender is a most peculiar heap, presumably to allow space for the decoder and for a speaker which can be fitted in the tender. No more! - You'll need to read the magazine. CHRIS LEIGH
  12. Is it traction tyre free? (quote) Not a traction tyre in sight. Seems to be very cleverly balanced and quite weighty, too. CHRIS LEIGH
  13. I've been 'playing' - testing 3440 on our new part-completed test track. With five on the drawbar I felt the ghost of Moses Clements pushing my hand. On a track with some nice gentle curves you'd get the ton out of this Truro and still have volts to spare. Its a good slow runner, too, and with 12 Hornby Mk1s on, the slipping was only really due to trainset curves. CHRIS LEIGH
  14. Looks suspiciously like Didcot Railway Centre. (quote) Looks even more like Swindon! The year we got it to the GWR Convention weekend at STEAM. (Note the road barrier in the background) Livery of the NRM model seems a bit nondescript to me. I suppose its meant to be the current livery - but surely it doesn't have a buffer beam number and 'No.' on it now? (Unless it was last painted at Doncaster, perhaps!) In 1957 livery the sandboxes were, indeed, painted Indian Red - except that it wasn't Indian Red, just the best they could do. I did hear that it was a mixture of wagon bauxite and buffer beam red! I liked it like that. CHRIS LEIGH
  15. Thanks Chris - what a superb model, you lucky chap! (quote) Not really lucky - I'll be buying mine in due course. The model I've got is a review sample belonging to Model Rail and there are several people in the office who would also like it. We may end up drawing straws for it, or it may remain an office model for long term tests etc. Perhaps we'll get George to paint it in BR lined black - we did that once before, of course! At the moment, my bank balance won't stretch to it. I spent too much at Warley, including buying a Bachmann 3MT so that we'd have one to review in the next issue. Wish I'd bought a 4CEP at the same time, as I'm not sure the review sample will arrive in time. CHRIS LEIGH
  16. Yes plates come with the loco name No & tender plates (quote) Full set of plates inc builder's plates. Also spare front bogie (if you want to cut the coupler box off) and a bag of details including fire irons and spare tender handbrake/water scoop standards incase of breakage. Now we need some decent clerestories...... CHRIS LEIGH
  17. Backhead detail looks good. No wires between tender and engine so assume DCC socket is in the loco, if there is one lol (quote) Sorry, only cursory inspection so far, but: Backhead detail is nice but new Hornby T9 is even better. There ARE wires between loco and tender - the two are supplied coupled by four wires, although there does seem to be a plug. The drawbar can be uncoupled - I'm not sure about the wiring and don't want to interfere with review sample until after it has been photographed. There IS a 21-pin DCC socket. There's lots to say about this model - you can read it in the next Model Rail. Now, about that decorating. It is a former station. The builders have been in since July, the rooms are now ready and I've got 5 weeks in which to decorate before the builder comes back for phase two! So I won't be looking at rmweb too often over Christmas. CHRIS LEIGH 'Truro' on its little-known visit to Parksville, British Columbia:
  18. Guess what I've got. Richard picked one up from the Toddington press launch today and I've borrowed it for the weekend. Will try to post a couple of pics later this evening. Full review in the next Model Rail - looks like another working weekend! (Finished the N gauge Hayling Island at 11.30 last night and was hoping for a couple of days off to do some decorating!) CHRIS LEIGH
  19. Looks like I was being too honest and open in revealing our thoughts. Our tiny brains are trying to produce a product that we think people might want, whilst at the same time making a profit for those who employ us and who, along with the editorial team, have stuck their collective necks (with tiny brains on the end) out to commission a new product at considerable expense and risk. It has been OUR collective decision that a plain black model is not a good idea because it would be likely to dilute the market for the fully-finished models. The costs of producing it ARE the same. We'll be paying a set price for the models regardless of the level of finish. We're not in the American market, we don't have the volume sales which the US has, nor do we have the huge variety of liveries. CHRIS LEIGH
  20. We've considered the unfinished black version a number of times but we feel that it effectively scuppers most of the potential follow-on liveries. Once people have lettered a plain black one, what incentive is there to buy a fully-finished one? Also, the plain unfinished one would need to sell at the same price as a fully finished example. The costs of producing it would be exactly the same but buyers would expect an unfinished one to be cheaper. CHRIS LEIGH
  21. E-mails about the Sentinel are on a special Project Sentinel mailbox and go direct to Ben. If you post them on here, I'll have to take the details and pass them on to Ben as he doesn't read rmweb very often. I'd prefer it if you e-mail him direct and save me a job. CHRIS LEIGH
  22. Belt drive is being considered purely from the aesthetic viewpoint as it would look good driven in a similar way to the real thing. Chains that small would be impractical. I can't now remember which CAD views were used in the magazine, but if there's an underside view, it may well show the first idea for belt drive. This had one axle driven off each end of the motor and would have resulted in the axles rotating in opposite directions. That's what model development is all about! Belt drive is one aspect which is being considered. If it doesn't work, it won't be used. CHRIS LEIGH
  23. We are looking at body variations such as grilles etc to see if they can be incorporated in the tooling. CHRIS LEIGH
  24. Will this be a subscriber (to Model Rail) only offer ? No, absolutely not. This is a commercial enterprise and we want to sell as many as possible. We need to reach a certain figure just to recoup the tooling costs, so no restrictions, and if anyone wants a commercial deal for a batch in a particular livery as limited editions, we'll consider that, too. CHRIS LEIGH
  25. And how much will it pull? So many questions! We won't know how much it will pull until we test the engineering sample. At present we are as far as the CAD drawings illustrated in the magazine. There's a lot of development work to be done and it isn't even started. We'll be looking at possible belt drive and whether we have a CDU-type installation to smooth the current supply to the motor over things such as dead frog points. We're entirely in uncharted waters. As I said earlier, no magazine has embarked on a project like this before. We will keep readers up to date with progress through the magazine but, at the moment, if the question is not answered in the current issue, we either don't know the answer or aren't willing to provide an answer at this time. CHRIS LEIGH
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