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  1. Perhaps it's time for a new thread that doesn't have Model Rail in the title, since the magazine is no longer involved. (CJL)
  2. That date 1967 must be a typo. It would be 1957. (CJL)
  3. As subscribers usually receive their copies a few days before the magazine reaches the shops, it is likely that they will be the first to see the ordering details. (CJL)
  4. ....and I bet that you can guess why. (CJL)
  5. Check the Model Rail J70s. BR-liveried ones are the ones that have sold out. The same with the USAs and the Sentinels and these even had second runs of BR liveries. (CJL)
  6. I'm not a fan of sequels/prequels and all the other stuff they do these days and I don't think I've been to the cinema since 'Les Mis' but I shall certainly give this a chance and not condemn it on the strength of a few seconds of trailer. It looks to me like they've caught some of the 'feel' of the original, Jenny is as lovely as ever and I'll be interested to see what they do with the Three Chimneys as the last time I saw it, it had white UPVC window frames that'll stick out like a sore thumb in wartime Yorkshire! (CJL)
  7. Let me know by PM (rather than via a competitors public forum) if you don't receive it. There are postal issues in many areas at present which are beyond the control of the subscriptions company. I may be able to get one sent from our office copies ( which hadn't arrived the last time I checked). I have already used my personal copy to replace a subscriber's copy which arrived damaged. (CJL)
  8. The bulkheads and corridor partition on my chocolate & cream ones are mid-brown. The seats are patterned with orange and dark brown - reminiscent of the old London Transport bus seats. The coach interiors are pretty much exactly as I remember them. (CJL)
  9. The head code discs look small. Presumably they were something the WR didn't normally have and must have been produced specially, as other region's discs wouldn't fit the GWR lamp irons? The discs are pretty much the only detail not provided with the model. I don't have a huge number of pictures - maybe a dozen, taken at different times - and from memory, only a couple show 18000 carrying discs. It would be interesting to know the trains indicated by the head code numbers - 450 and 455 being the most common, it seems, and 142 when the loco was in the late green livery. I'm waiting delivery of a copy of the Robertson book as I didn't buy it on publication because I had already done, and published, my own research. (CJL)
  10. Continuing the thread creep, I always laughed at the election posters for our local MP of the time, Geoffrey Pattie, which proclaimed "Meet Pattie!" It reminded me of McDonalds and I thought they should do a similar one for Ed Balls! (CJL)
  11. I did see it done once on an election leaflet. The candidate's portrait was flipped for the back cover. Only trouble was he had a rather obvious mole on one side of his nose - which side rather depended on which side of the leaflet you were looking at! (CJL)
  12. Well, I started in publishing in 1963, and have been in it ever since. I've never come across that practice. It would be very obvious in railway publications as trains would be running wrong line and numbers would be reversed........and if anyone did it deliberately they wouldn't have been in the job for long! (CJL)
  13. You are right, of course, regarding the CoH and the late crest. There was a bit of a 'thing' among firms at that time to get their emblem CoH approved. (Didn't BOAC try it with the Speedbird?) I was asked to write the BR story for Steam World back in the 1990s. I spoke to the Portcullis Pursuivant of the CoH (I forget his name now but his family have a stately home in Cambridge or Norfolk, the walls covered in heraldry). He was pretty dismissive of the BR heraldic device but the crux of the matter is that the CoH register is a written description, so you can't have two written descriptions or one that is ambiguous about which way elements face. I think I'm right in saying that these were what we used to call 'varnish-fixing' transfers in model terms? One assumes that, in full size, it was cheaper and simpler to have a print-run of one version facing one way, than to order them in opposite-facing pairs. Assuming that they were supplied in pairs, I wonder if any were ever applied in error with BOTH lions facing the back? The difficulty with working from photographs, of course, is that few photographers photographed both sides of the same locomotive on the same day. It is interesting that in the Times photo of 18000 on test in Switzerland she already carries the BR emblem, so that must have been supplied from Swindon along with the buffers, couplings and other standard fittings which BR provided to Brown-Boveri. (CJL)
  14. I have never 'mirrored' an image in a publication to suit anything. The illustrations I supplied to Heljan were all scans of original black & white prints. The BR official shots (from the Swindon collection) having been obtained through the old OPC/BR arrangement. I have checked all the material I supplied and there are no right-facing early emblems visible on any of the photographs. I daresay they may exist in other locations such as Google but I could only use material that I had - all obtained by old-fashioned means, most of it long before I had a computer. Nor did I supply Heljan with any publications, since the material I supplied had been the basis of an article in Trains Illustrated which I wrote following a visit to the NRM to inspect a box of material which had been unopened since its arrival from Swindon Works. It contained, among other things, 18000's 'failures book' with photographs of all the failed components (mostly combustion chamber linings from memory) and a letter to Hawksworth from the Swindon engineer who had been sent to monitor the build at Brown-Boveri. It was a begging letter asking for some more money because the £ had been devalued and the poor guy couldn't afford his accommodation. Heljan may well have used other references besides the material that I supplied as I was only involved very early on in the process. (CJL)
  15. So, RAILS haven't actually got it wrong, they've merely selected not to produce one minor livery variant which wasn't among the references with which they were supplied. (CJL)
  16. The model follows, correctly, the photographs which I supplied to Heljan from my research into the gas turbines for Trains Illustrated back in the 1980s. The early crest lion DID face left on both sides of the locomotive. (Refs - BR official photo and Times newspaper photo) (CJL)
  17. 18100 was, however, pretty widely photographed on the occasions when it did work, which tends to give the impression that it did more work than 18000. George Heiron took some great pictures of it. When I researched my article for Trains Illustrated, I seem to recall that 18100 did more and was less troublesome than 18000, but that might have been because it was viewed more sympathetically having been British-built. The biggest problem for Swindon and the gas turbines was repeated failure of the combustion chamber linings (the NRM has the failures book for 18000 with photographs of combustion chamber linings which look like a garden incinerator after you've burned stuff in it too many times - bent, buckled and rusted and been jumped on!). Now, if the gas turbines had been later and able to incorporate the space shuttle type heat shields, it could perhaps have been a different story. (CJL)
  18. No, nothing from RAILS, just a notification from bank that a payment had been taken.
  19. My account has been debited and that's the only thing I have on order from RAILS. (CJL)
  20. I think the above is pretty ruthless dismantling of at least half a century of 'OO' layout building by some hundreds of modellers. There's really just two types of GWR branchline layouts - the slavishly accurate representations of a particular place at a particular moment in its railway history and the fantasy layouts that don't claim to be anything else other than how someone dreams a place that he dreamt up might have been. Neither is more valid than the other and something is only 'inappropriate' if its on a layout that is claimed to be an accurate representation of a real place and really shouldn't be. The WR branch line terminus has been my first love since I 'discovered' Fairford closed and derelict in the early 1960s but it was the fictitious GWRBLTs that first attracted me to model WR branch lines, (K's 14XX + auto trailer AND diesel railcar. And yes, Fairford, Tetbury, Staines all had the goods shed/cattle dock/engine shed/coaling stage/water tower etc just as described as did lots of others- true Fairford's loop wasn't in the station platform and it also had a turntable. (CJL)
  21. But St.Ives only had one through Paddington train - at least in BR times - it was only only on summer Saturdays and was in fact the whole CRE apart from a couple of through coaches that went on to Penzance. The rest of the time the branch had its own non-corridor stock, trains being strengthened at peak times with extra coaches but simply running back and forth to the main line. Unlike the SR with its through coaches to branch termini , the Western ran comparatively few through trains to minor branch lines and passengers changed trains at the junction station. Windsor & Eton Central had only one through Paddington train in the morning and evening peaks, as, I believe did Henley on Thames although Henley may have had one or two workings through to Reading General. (CJL)
  22. Yes, old age - memory isn't what it was. (CJL)
  23. Way back, in Steam World - probably 1990s, I interviewed the driver who brought Lion from Westbury every day. Afraid to say I can't remember his name but Simon Carstens knows who it was and has noted it elsewhere on RMweb on one of the many threads relating to this movie. The digitally enhanced version now available on Prime is well worth a look. (CJL)
  24. A genuine reviewer will want to give a product a favourable review if it is possible to do so. If one gets an apparent 'dud' (and it does happen from time to time) then I would expect to contact the supplier for a replacement. The review would then be a distillation of the two models, pointing out that there were issues with one (hopefully not both) of them. (CJL)
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